Fergie - L.A. LOVE (La La)

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Fergie - L.A. LOVE (La La)

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paradise // tove lo


"I couldn’t decide if you were the most annoying human being I’d ever met
or the best thing that ever happened…”

wow. such levihan. many feel. wow.

and/or *insert pairing number tenquillion*



I keep walking in circles
Wanna cut you off but I can’t, though
Tried forget cause’ cause my heart knows
That you’re not coming back, yeah you’re not coming back

Said this is one thing I want to know
You take her places we used to go
You look at me but you got no words
Can’t you tell just how much it hurts?
At the end it did not take two
Fucked it up, yeah, and I blamed you
We were one but now it’s just me
All caught up in this jealousy,

I used to take your breath away.
I used to make you laugh about anything.
I used to be your getaway.
Your getaway, your dream,
I was every thing you needed

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Falling in love and I hope that you want me the way that I am.

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My new jam.